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Elevation Training Mask 2.0
Elevation Training Mask 2.0
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Now lighter, smaller and more comfortable, the Elevation Training Mask 2.0 has been redesigned with you in mind. Complete with multiple resistance levels that can attached to the mask, this newly designed mask efficiently mimics the effects of High Altitude Training. The newly designed mask is smaller and less claustrophobic and eleminates the fully face design. The multi-livel resistance system works to reduce air flow through the patent pending valve system. The mask may help to Condition lungs, strengthen the diaphram, increase lung capacity and decrease workout time.
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This is an amazing product. I use it in conjunction with my weight-lifting and I get the same effects as if I were doing a cardio workout. Wearing this mask forces you to engage your core, so even if your primary focus is a different muscle group during your workout you will still feel it in your abs and chest.
Reviewed by: Pete from California. on 2/23/2013
Elevation Mask
Love the mask very simple to use. Delivered very fast even around the holidays However the stitching on the Velcro is very week. After just 3 workouts i already have to replace the Velcro due to the unraveling of the threads. Otherwise, easy to use and takes your workout to the next level!
Reviewed by: Benny Barrette from Clearwater, FL. on 1/9/2013
Elevation Training Mask 2.0
Reviewed by: lamonte from FL. on 12/19/2012
I was a little bit scared that this item was going to be a scam, but its not. It really does what it says it is. I love wearing my elevation mask to the gym because it feels like i'm getting a cardio workout when I'm just lift weights, and my cardio has been dramatically improved. Before i could only last 1 or 2 fights in BJJ and now I can outlast and out work 3 or 4 sparing partners in a fight before i start to get tired and need a break.
Reviewed by: miguel hernandez from San Jose, Ca. on 12/16/2012
Awesome Product
This mask has single handedly excelled my cardio to new heights. I would recommend it for anyone and everyone that participates in cardio drivin sports. I love this mask!!
Reviewed by: Matt Steele from Cincinnati, OH. on 10/7/2012
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